Feeding the Spirit Stories are doorways into:

Learning – Stories build curiosity for, and interest in subject matter across the whole curriculum. They develop listening skills, and the capacity of students to imagine, to see old problems in new ways, and to think creatively.

Social Skills - Stories invite us to step into the shoes of others, developing our ability to empathize and care, and connecting us to the whole human race.  Stories celebrate our common humanity building respect for others and responsibility for our planet. Stories build awareness about bullying behaviors and give students new ways to act with responsibility and care.

Peace - Stories sow seeds of hope as they show us time and again how human ingenuity, cooperation and wise action solve the most challenging problems. Stories remind us of the best that we can be and inspire the courage so needed to make change in ourselves and in the world.

Personal and spiritual growth – Stories are the age old medium for delivering wisdom, and surprising us into insight. The author and Jesuit Priest Anthony de Mello wrote: “The shortest distance between truth and a human being, is a story.” Hearing stories from many spiritual traditions reminds us that as human beings we share a common longing for connection, and often find that in how we treat each other. Regarding personal stories, the more awareness we have about the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape our lives, the more quickly we can make choices to change those stories and to heal and grow.

Relaxation and fun – Hearing stories we allow ourselves to relax, to breathe deeply, and enter the realm of imagination where anything is possible.


Please follow the link at the top of the page to an article Elisa wrote on how stories can open doorways to spiritual growth.

Elisa would love to talk to you about the doorways that stories can open for you and your community of listeners.