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Elisa PearmainElisa Davy Pearmain is a professional storyteller with over 30 years of experience telling in schools, libraries, churches and festivals around New England. She is the author of two award-winning books, Doorways to the Soul: 52 Wisdom Tales from around the World, and Once Upon a Time: Storytelling to Teach Character and Prevent Bullying and a New CD Forgiveness: Telling our Stories in New Ways. Elisa is a teacher of storytelling, and a licensed therapist, helping adults to hear their own stories in new ways for personal growth and healing. This site is packed with information about Elisa’s programs and resources and contains articles and stories and information on character development, bullying prevention, spiritual growth through story and much more. Enjoy!


Exciting News

ForgivenessElisa’s CD "Forgiveness: Telling our Stories in New Ways" was released in 2013, and is now also available as a download through CD Baby. See the Forgiveness Program CD page for more information, to purchase the CD or find a link to CD Baby.



Elisa Pearmain


Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Tuesday March 17th 9:30-3:30
A day-long workshop

Rolling Ridge Retreat Center
660 Great Pond Rd.
North Andover, MA

Cost: $58.00 before 3/10/15 $70.00 after.

Forgiveness means, "Ceasing to harbor resentment." It sounds so simple, but actually it is one of life's greatest challenges. One of my favorite definitions of the process of forgiveness is, "the construction of a new narrative of the self and other, and one's relations to the world." In this workshop participants will hear, and reflect on world folktales that illustrate aspects of the forgiveness process and its benefits, including: self-protection, grief, listening to our anger, empathy and perspective shifts, and cultivating an open and compassionate heart. Working also with personal stories we will explore these aspects and stages, and especially self-forgiveness. There will be lots of time for quiet reflection, writing and telling stories as participants choose.

For more info or to register: thestaff@rollingridge.org, or (978) 682-8815

Wednesday March 4th, 7-8 pm
Free Lenten Series workshop

Saint Anne of the Fields Church
660 Concord Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773

Letting Go of the Hot Coal: A Mindful Approach to Healing Old Hurts
with Joe Periera LICSW

Harboring anger has been described as akin to holding a burning coal that you wish to throw at your enemy but you are the one who gets burned. In this introductory session we will begin to explore the dynamics of resentment, and be introduced to techniques for clearing our hearts and minds. Our tradition calls on us to be peacemakers and to love others as we love ourselves. Perhaps a first step in living out these teachings is to make peace within ourselves and to love ourselves enough to take purposeful steps to free ourselves from the painful cost and wasted energy of holding the hot coal.
(this workshop is being led by Elisa and Joe in various churches please call Elisa to find out more).

For more information please contact Brenda Fingold - 617.413.7631

Elisa's podcast

"Forgiveness: The Heart of Healing" This podcast is an interview with myself and the host Eric Wolf. You can listen to it (#88 in the archives) and many other great storytellers anytime by going to www.artofstorytellingshow.com



Elisa's Article "Empowering Middle School Students to Stop Bullying" as published in the Fall 2012 issue of the National Storytellng Network's Storytelling Magazine.


Elisa in the News

Elisa brings anti-bullying message to students at Somerville school.

Universal Tales of Bullying – Storyteller Elisa Pearmain visited Glen Urquhart School to share folk tales that illuminate the topic of bullying. >>Read More


You can reach Elisa by phone at: (781) 640-9499
You can write to her at: 127 White Pond Rd., Hudson, MA 01749
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